Which Blues Guitar Books Should I Get?

I assume you are looking for Blues Guitar books because you either want to start playing Blues Guitar, or you have already started and you want to learn some new licks and techniques to improve your skills.

If you are just starting out then Blue Guitar books are going to be difficult to learn from, you really need a video element when you are learning the guitar so you can see and hear how different songs are played and how different techniques work, so I have included some beginner books below for you (the first 3) then below that is a DVD course which I think would be a much easier and faster way for you to learn Blues Guitar.

The final 3 books are for people who already know how to play a bit of Blues and want to improve, check out the details for each one below:


There you have our choices for the top Blues Guitar books you can get, but remember if you are starting from scratch then getting the full DVD course mentioned above would be the best option.


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